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HTC Stereo Headset with Remote Controller + Music Controls

Rs. 2,150.00 Rs. 1,750.00


The HTC RC Stereo Headset and Music Remote Control allows you to play music and make calls with the press of a button. With music control options, FM channel selection, voice dial support, and more, you can enjoy your HTC HD 2 without having to frequently remove it from your pocket or holster

The OEM HTC Stereo Headset with Remote Controller + Music Controls lets you talk on the phone, watch video clips, play games or listen to songs in stereo without holding the phone. The 2 in-ear buds fit comfortably in your ear which reduces noise from the surrounding area.

Lightweight and comfortable, This HTC Stereo Headset ensures great sound quality when you’re on the go. Built in controller buttons allow you to pause, play, fast forward and rewind on compatible players and devices which have these functions enabled.


  • Cord Length = 3 ft.
  • Collar Clip
  • Use for Music, Movies, Games & Phone
  • 2 Ear Buds
  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Pause, Play, Fast Forward & Rewind

Please Note: Some functions may not work with all devices.


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